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28 April - 30 April

Chung Tian Temple
1034 Underwood Rd, Priestdale QLD 4127

Do & Learn // 花藝手作教學

Flowers in a Pot Workshop

Wisdom Room

10:30am, 1:00pm (Sunday)

Have you ever wondered how to turn a bunch of flowers into a floral masterpiece? Explore your creative side with one of our Flowers in a Pot Workshops. Each session includes a floristry kit, as well as guidance from Olivia, our expert floristry teacher. Olivia has extensive experience in event decorating, running floral workshops, gift packaging and flower arranging.

Join us for a session, get creative and take home a floral art piece. Spots are limited so register now.

Cost: $40/person (includes a flower art piece to take home)

Flower pot workshop in session
Flowers in pots

Flowers in a Pot Workshop at BBDF

Flowers in a Pot Workshop

  • Sunday
till 12:00pm

Flowers in a Pot Workshop

  • Sunday
till 2:30pm