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Tai Chi, often referred to as “meditation in motion“, are slow-moving exercises that help to bring about a state of mental calm and clarity. It is a traditional form of Chinese classical martial art where it aims to cultivate the inner self as well as to strengthen the physical body.

As you move, you breathe deeply and naturally, focusing your attention - as in meditation - on your bodily sensations. Tai chi differs from other types of exercise in several respects. The movements are mostly circular and never forced, the muscles are relaxed rather than tensed, the joints are not fully extended or bent, and connective tissues are not stretched. For these reasons, Tai Chi can be easily adapted for anyone, from the most fit to people confined to movement-aids or recovering from surgery.

Although Tai Chi is slow and gentle, it addresses the key components of fitness - muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and, to a various degrees, aerobic conditioning. So join us on this exercise that will leave you refreshed and relaxed and realise the benefits of “no pain, big gains”.

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