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Bathe of the Buddha Dharma Service

Commemorating Prince Siddhartha's Birth

The Buddha’s Birthday Celebration commemorates the birth of Prince Siddhartha Gautama, later the Sakyamuni Buddha, founder of Buddhism.

Legend has it that upon his birth, nine heavenly dragons appeared, streaming out the purest fragrant water to cleanse the newly born Prince. Hence, the Buddha’s Birthday Celebration is also known as the “Bathing the Buddha Celebration”.

After the Buddha’s Nirvana, it became a tradition to bathe the statue of Buddha to commemorate his birth while reflecting on one’s inherent Buddha nature. Bathing the Buddha is symbolic of cleansing one’s body, speech and mind in the three times of past, present, and future to purge one’s greed, anger and ignorance in order to cultivate wisdom and compassion.

In line with current Coronavirus restrictions, we would like to invite you to join us online to celebrate this year’s Buddha Bathing Ceremony and share the joy of this auspicious occasion.

Volunteers Participating in Bathe of the Buddha Dharma Service
Public Participating in Bathe of the Buddha Dharma Service

Bathe of the Buddha Dharma Service