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Buddhist Talks by Prof Janet Xiang-Yu Hou

Self-reflection and Equality in Humanistic Buddhism

Self-reflection: a practical tool to advance your career

Self-reflection is like looking into a “mirror” and describing what you see. It is a way of assessing yourself - your strengths and weaknesses. The “mirror” here means the people around you.

How to better use the “mirror” for self-reflection, and then to identify your strengths (and weaknesses) for your career advancement, including critical thinking skills and communication skills, will be covered in this presentation.

Equality in Humanistic Buddhism: a practical tool to reduce suffering

Master Hsing Yun said that “The most important messages within the BLIA verse are equality and patience, which represents the ultimate teachings of the Dharma.”

This presentation discussed the different interpretations of the concept “equality”, especially the equality among human beings as well as the equality between a good or bad outcome in life and work. The reasons of why we should not compare and cling to any “good” outcome in life and work are also presented.

Prof Janet Xiang-Yu Hou at Fo Guang Shan
Prof Janet Xiang-Yu Hou Portrait

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