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Buddhist Talks by Dr Kwong Chan

Applying Mindful Practice during a Pandemic

Dr Kwong Chan is a Senior Lecturer in Medical Education and the Internationalisation Lead of Griffith School of Medicine. He received his Medical training in Taiwan (Kaohsiung Medical University) and his PhD from Griffith University School of Applied Psychology, focusing on grief and loss support training. As a Thanatologist, Dr Kwong received his Master of Arts in Life and Death Studies from Nan Hua University in 2001. Dr Kwong has also been a Lay Dharma Lecturer of Buddha Light International Association since 2002.

As the Stream Lead of Professional Communication and History Taking Stream in the Griffith MD program, Dr Chan introduced structured mindfulness practice into the School of Medicine in 2011. Dr Kwong has taught medical students how to apply mindfulness in their exam preparation and how to manage performance anxiety. Dr Kwong's area of research in health education includes communication skills learning and teaching, application of mindfulness, health students social media behaviour, admission selection, resilience building, reflective practice and development of contemplative pedagogy.

In the talk, Sustaining Inner Peace in Chaos Dr Kwong Chan from Griffith University School of medicine will explore how to apply the technique of mindful living when our “normal” way of life is disrupted by the pandemic.

Life Death and Pandemic explores how the pandemic experience impact us form the perspective for a thanatologist. Who we were and who we can be after we overcome this challenge.

Dr Kwong Chan Teaching a Class
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Dr Kwong Chan's Talks

Sustaining Inner Peace in Chaos

Life Death and Pandemic