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03 MAY - 05 MAY

Chung Tian Temple
1034 Underwood Rd, Priestdale QLD 4127

Buddha Birth Day

The Festival

Get ready to celebrate Queensland's biggest birthday bash at this year’s Buddha Birth Day Festival, at Fo Guang Shan Chung Tian Temple!

The annual Festival coincides with the May Day long weekend (3, 4 and 5 May 2024), promising three days packed with peace, happiness, and cultural delights.

From vegetarian feasts to mesmerizing Dragon and Lion Dances, the serene elegance of Lei Cha Ceremony and the rich traditions of Chinese Tea to laser light shows, there's something for everyone. With over 150 events and 1,100 enthusiastic volunteers, the festival buzzes with excitement.

And let's not forget Saturday night's dazzling laser show honouring Buddha's legacy and spreading joy.

As an accredited climate-friendly event, the festival promotes sustainability and well-being. So, leave your worries behind, immerse yourself in tradition, and join the fun at the 2024 Buddha Birth Day Festival! It's a celebration you won't want to miss!

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Bathing the Buddha
Lion Dance
Weekend of Celebration

Plan Your Visit

Walk up the steps of Chung Tian Temple and be welcomed by the sights and sounds of the 2024 Buddha Birth Day Festival. Begin your exploration of the festival and get ready to go on a journey of self-discovery to find your inner Buddha.

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Explore the temple and bask in the atmosphere.

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Find out what's on and join in the festivities.

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From the Spiritual to the Cultural

Festivities and Activities

Learn & Discover Buddhism

Do & Learn

Scout activities

3G4G by BLIA Scouts

Join the Buddha’s Light Scout Group QLD as they take you through a variety of fun and interactive activities.

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Bathing of the Buddha

Bathing of the Buddha

Since ancient times, Buddhists all around the world celebrate the Buddha’s birthday by using fragrant water to bathe the statue of the infant Buddha – Prince Siddhartha.

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Student cultural activities

Cultural Fiesta

Experience a range of different Chinese cultural activities hosted by The Chung Tian Chinese School.

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Vege Plan A

Environmental Preservation Display

Vege Plan A stall is an educational opportunity to learn about the initiatives Buddha’s Light International Association chapters worldwide have undertaken to promote a more vegetarian-friendly lifestyle.

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Flower in a pot workshop

Floral Arrangement Workshop

Have you ever wondered how to turn a bunch of flowers into a floral masterpiece? Explore your creative side with one of our Floral Arrangement Workshops.

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Guided by a venerable from Fo Guang Shan Chung Tian Temple, take the time out of your busy schedule to find your inner peace at one of our scheduled meditation sessions.

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Sutra calligraphy

Sutra Calligraphy

Buddhism advocates the cultivation of the mind. This can be practised in a variety of ways, including meditation, chanting or sutra calligraphy.

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Tea meditation

Tea Chan

Tea Chan combines a tea ceremony with the practice of mindfulness. Led by a tea master, you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the tea-making process, while bringing yourself a sense of peace and wholeness.

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Tea appreciation day celebration

Tea Culture

Experience tea culture as a tea master skillfully prepares a cup of perfectly brewed tea. Observe the art of the tea-making process from the preparation, service and consumption of tea.

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Vegetarian food fair

Vegetarian Food Fair

Smell the aroma of vegetarian cooking and taste the wide variety of cuisines on offer. Come for breakfast, stay for lunch and dinner, and take-away supper.

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Experience Through Your Senses

See & Hear

Amenities and Information

Amenities and Information

Acquaint yourself with Chung Tian Temple and speak to one of our friendly volunteers on duty.

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Baby blessing ceremony

Baby Blessing Ceremony

Every parent wishes that their child grows in good physical and mental health, lives a meaningful and fulfilling life, develops a kind and loving heart, and matures into a wise and compassionate individual.

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Bodhi tree blessing

Bodhi Tree Blessing

The Bodhi tree sapling, directly descended from the Bodhi tree where Prince Siddhartha sat when he attained enlightenment and became the Buddha, is a living work of art and a representation of the birth of Buddhism.

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Buddhist talks

Buddhist Talks

The Buddha's very life as a human being is to model the spiritual path. The festival is offering various talks to share how the practice of Humanistic Buddhism can be integrated into all aspects of our daily lives.

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Celebrate the Buddha's Birth Day Festival and connect with your spiritual side at one of our Buddhist ceremonies.

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Children storytelling

Children's Storytelling

Morally-based story will teach children about the importance of being open-minded, developing a willingness to listen, as well as to consider and respect others’ points of view.

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Guided tours

Guided Temple Tours

Don't miss this opportunity to follow an experienced guide as they show you around the temple grounds while explaining the deeper meanings behind what is happening at the various locations you visit.

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Laser light show

Happiness and Peace Laser Show

Not only did the Buddha achieve enlightenment and shine his light in the human world, it serves as a reminder that, we too, have the Buddha’s light within our hearts.

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Lumbini garden

Lumbini Garden

We welcome you to take a journey of discovery through the birthplace of Prince Siddhartha and to follow his path from witnessing old age, sickness, death and finally, enlightenment to become the Buddha.

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Humanistic Buddhism Exhibition

Master Hsing Yun & One Stroke Calligraphy Exhibition

Venerable Master Hsing Yun artistically moves his brush from the top to the bottom of the parchment without pausing. “One-stroke calligraphy” means that every piece by the calligrapher is done in a single stroke.

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Multicultural performances

Multicultural Performances & Lion Dance

See, hear and celebrate with a vibrant line up of multicultural performances, showcasing a diverse range of music, dance and cultural groups.

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Wishing tree

Wishing Wall

Visit our wishing wall to write down your wish and hang on the wishing wall to manifest positive energy and work on bringing your wish to fruition.

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